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Customer Shares Hack for Free Chick-fil-A


A TikToker’s “hack” for getting a free meal at chain chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A has sparked disagreement on the platform—mostly because the “hack” relies on the goodwill of the restaurant’s employees.

In the video posted by @jas.kaoir, she tells viewers she will use a card she knows will be declined and go through the drive-thru at a peak time.

“When you get in Chick-fil-A line, knowing your card was going to get declined, too many cars behind you to back out, so now you get your food free,” the text overlay on the video reads.

Some commenters shared they did exactly that, or something similar, to get a free meal from the chain.

“Nah y’all I got y’all take your old receipt off your bag then go and say you called in about your order,” one commenter wrote. “Even if they can’t find you in the book they’ll still give it to you cause you holding up the line.”

“I get to the window and say, ‘oh shoot! Sorry I forgot my wallet I’ll come back,’” another commenter wrote. “And they say, ‘no worries, it’s on us,’ and give me free food every time.”

“This happened to me because I forgot to unlock my cash app card,” a third shared.

Other viewers, implying they work for Chick-fil-A, said there is no way their managers would ever let them do this.

“Yeah as a former Chick-fil-A employee, don’t do this,” one commenter wrote. “Managers will direct you out of the line with no food.”

“From a Chick-fil-A employee—we literally can’t give you your food for free, our operator and managers will not let us hand you the food until your payment went through,” another commenter wrote.

“When I worked at Chick-fil-A I would almost never give people free food,” a second said. “Because as an adult why are you ordering food when you don’t have money.”

Furthermore, many claimed they would never try this “hack,” citing their moral compass and “karma.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @jas.kaoir via Instagram direct message and to Chick-fil-A via email.


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*First Published: Oct 27, 2022, 1:35 pm CDT

Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg is a freelance writer for the Daily Dot. She graduated with her Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020.

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