Home Hacking “Cybersecurity Tops the CIO Agenda as Threats Continue to Escalate”

“Cybersecurity Tops the CIO Agenda as Threats Continue to Escalate”


Budget on Red Button Enter on Black Computer Keyboard.Steven Rosenbush at the WSJ reported: “Chief information officers say cybersecurity once again will be their top investment priority in 2023, a sign of how companies are racing to manage the business risk posed by escalating threats.”

“You boil it down to the CIO, it is cybersecurity. Absolutely…That is the highest priority,” said Chris Howard, chief of research at technology research and consulting firm Gartner Inc., pointing to the results of the firm’s latest CIO Survey. The results of the annual CIO survey, which included about 2,200 respondents, were announced Monday at the 2022 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, under way this week in Orlando, Fla.

In the study, in which Gartner asked CIOs whether they planned to increase or decrease their investments in a range of areas, 66% of respondents said they planned to increase investment in cybersecurity.

Cyber is Top Investment Priority for CIOs

By that measure, it was the top investment priority for CIOs, beating business intelligence and analytics, in which 55% of respondents said they planned to increase investment. Other investment priorities included cloud computing platforms, application modernization and artificial intelligence.

Gartner forecasts that worldwide information security and risk-management spending by end-users will reach $188.336 billion in 2023, up 11.3% from the current year. Gartner estimates that spending on security will grow 7.2% this year compared with 2021. The company says spending on security grew 14.3% in 2021 compared with 2020.

Full article at the WSJ here. This is excellent BUDGET AMMO.



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