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Hack Someone’s Viber Account Remotely Without Target Phone


DETROIT – Viber is a popular messaging app that allows you to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues, and family via chats, voice calls, audio messages, and video calls. Available for Android and iOS platforms, Viber also has a desktop version. With end-to-end encryption, Viber’s security is what makes it popular among users. But what if you want to read someone’s Viber messages without their phone?    

Reasons to Read Someone’s Viber Messages

You may want to read someone’s Viber messages but first you need to know how to install eyezy for many reasons, such as your romantic partner may be unfaithful, or you may want to know about the surprise your friends are planning for you, find out whether your child is safe from online crimes, or know who is blackmailing your loved one.

Why Spy on Someone’s Messages on Viber?

While you may know how to read someone’s Viber messages without their phone, here are a few reasons why you may want to do it in the first place.

Have you been cheated on before in a relationship or marriage? Is your partner acting suspicious and making you anxious? Reading their Viber messages can help you find out if they are cheating on you or you are worrying without reason.

You may want to read your friends’ messages if you are someone who loves surprises but cannot wait to know all about them. If your birthday is coming up and you get the idea that your friends are making some secret plans – but you cannot wait for the actual day – you may want to read through all of your friends’ group messages secretly.

Children often avoid sharing problems with their parents because they can’t predict their reactions. As a concerned guardian, you will want to look through your child’s conversations to be sure that abusers and bullies are not harassing them online.

Is your loved one fidgety but not talking about their worries to you? Someone might be blackmailing them. With information from this blog, you can easily read through their Viber messages to understand the reason for their anxiety.

Some Apps to Spy on Someone’s Viber Messages

How can you spy on a person’s Viber messages without the target phone? The answer is spy apps! Many apps available on the market allow you to get access to someone else’s messages without getting hold of their actual phones.

Spy apps can help you read someone’s messages secretly. With all these apps, you can choose a subscription package that fits your needs. Once you install the app on the target phone, you can easily access their messages from the dashboard of your spy app’s account. With just a click, you can get the entire chat history of someone else’s Viber online, along with the date and time stamps of each message.

Why eyeZy Is the Best Spy App?

Now that you know what spy apps are, here is how you can choose the best spy app and read someone’s Viber messages online. We have reviewed some of these apps on the market, and we think that mSpy is the best app you can use to read someone’s Viber messages. These are some things you can do with eyeZy:

  1. Access all the chats from Viber on your eyeZy dashboard.
  2. Go through all group messages to keep track of cyberbullying. 
  3. Can read the deleted texts.
  4. Discreetly check all the photos and videos sent to and from the target phone.
  5. Track conversations from other messengers.

eyeZy also lets you be up to date with your target phone’s location at any given time. You only have to open your eyeZy Control Panel, and everything will be in front of you. This app also provides you with information like the Wi-Fi networks to which the target phone connects.

More than that, eyeZy is compatible with both iOS and Android. However, you may need to root your Android gadgets or jailbreak your iOS devices for eyeZy to work its best.

How Does eyeZy Work?

If you are wondering how eyeZy works, do not worry. You can get this spy app to work in two easy steps.

The first step is to buy a subscription. You can browse through the various subscription options that are available for reading someone’s Viber messages on their official website and choose one that fits your bill. 

When you have purchased your subscription, the second step is to install eyeZy on your child’s, partner’s, or friend’s phone. You will receive the instructions as soon as you have bought your package. To do this, you will need one-time access to the target phone for a small while.

And that’s it! You are now ready to read all of their Viber messages online. Just go to your eyeZy dashboard, and you can read any of their Viber messages or even track their phone’s location with one click.

Free Apps – Are They Any Good?

Are free spy apps good? The simple answer is no. Many apps available on the internet promise to track messages online for free. We tested them, and they proved to be scams. Think twice before using these apps to avoid malware and unnecessary advertisements. 

Final Thoughts

Instead of going after free apps, we recommend you try eyeZy out. One of the best spy apps available, eyeZy guarantees you the best results. Keep your children safe. Protect yourself from heartache. Help your loved ones stay safe from blackmailers.

Choose eyeZy.

This article was written by Olivia Miller

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