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Himani Shivpuri Opens Up on Her Instagram Account Being Hacked, Says ‘I Made a Fool of Myself’


Popular TV and Bollywood actress Himani Shivpuri recently hit the headlines as she became the latest celeb to fall prey to social media hacking. The talented actress enjoys a massive fan following on social media and often posts funny reels and insightful videos for her fans. In a conversation with News18 Showsha, the actress talked about how she was targeted by a hacker.

She shared, “I was so upset for one day because it is not only the reels but wherever I travelled, whatever I did was documented on Instagram. I don’t know who hacked my account and changed it into a crypto account. The person started deleting all my posts and I didn’t even realise. Since I’m not so tech-savvy, they (known ones) asked me to go to activities and when I checked it – I had more than 2 thousand posts which started getting deleted. They receded from 700 to 500 and recently it came down to 580, which triggered me. And then the posts came down to 87. Suddenly, it got down to zero posts. That person removed my display picture and had put a blank display picture, then whoever hacked my accounts had put my picture on display.”


Himani, who is a well-known face in the world of Television where she has been part of popular TV shows Hasratein, Ghar Ek Sapna, Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai, and many more shared how she got texts from a random account with its display picture as Instagram logo and she handed over her phone number and mail id, thinking that Instagram contacted her.

“All the time, Instagram has been sending me text messages – that there is a lot of activity in your account. I told them everything – that my posts have been deleted and my mail id has also been changed and I don’t know how someone got into my account. I made a fool of myself, and I’m telling this guy (hacker), thinking that Instagram is asking me all my details, as the account had his display picture as Instagram’s logo. I told him that somebody has hacked my account and he is deleting my posts – and I told him my phone number and correct email address because of which he got the hang of all of my social media accounts. And I had so many followers on my social media accounts. I had 3 accounts, I deleted one of my accounts and I’m fearfully starting with my new social media handle slowly,” added Himani.

Hackers often hack the social media accounts of celebs and showbiz personalities and take advantage of their innocent fans, asking them for money. Many celebs have previously faced this hacking and it seems to continue

Meanwhile, the 62-year-old actress, who started her acting journey with National School Drama, also spoke out about her fondness for theatre. Talking about maintaining her touch with theatre with a housewife’s role in the Zee Theatre teleplay titled Zee Rishton Ka Live Telecast, Himani shared, “I played a mother, who is also a housewife, and how everyone takes her for granted. Its story is relatable for every housewife. It revolves around the life of a woman, and how life changes for her after she gets married and becomes a mother. She does everything for her family but then again everyone takes her for granted – that is revealed beautifully at the end of this teleplay. Initially, it seems that she is a normal housewife packing tiffin for her husband and taking care of her kids. I think every woman will identify with the role, because we women are always taken for granted.”

On the work front, Himani Shivpuri is currently playing the role of Katori Singh in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, a spinoff of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain! Over the years, the versatile actress has entertained the audience with Bollywood movies like Hum Saath Saath Hain, Mein Prem KI Deewani Hoon and many TV shows.

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