Home Hacking How to clean windows: I tried the white vinegar and newspaper hack to clean my windows

How to clean windows: I tried the white vinegar and newspaper hack to clean my windows


  is a task many homeowners put off, with glass notoriously hard to get just right. However, when I heard about this cheap cleaning combination that claims to cut through smudges and stains, I knew I had to give it a go. Cleaning experts have claimed that this hack can minimise the length of the chore and its difficulty. 

While there is a vast number of window clean sprays on the market, they can be quite pricey and don’t always give streak-free results. 

As many Britons move towards chemical-free cleaning solutions, using and newspaper is a highly raved about all-natural alternative.

Before washing my windows, I first made sure to dust them. This was very important because if you miss this step, bits of dust and dirt will stick to the window and could scratch it.

I used a dry paper towel to get rid of the dust on the window and then laid down a towel underneath the window to catch any drips of vinegar during the process.

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I then scrunched up four sheets of newspaper I had lying around the house. The purpose of the newspaper is to use it instead of a microfibre cloth.

I started by spritzing the white vinegar solution all over the windows then used one piece of newspaper to gently scrub the window until the grease and smudges started to disappear.

When cleaning the inside and outside of my window, I used horizontal strokes to rub in the white vinegar and made a mental note to use vertical strokes when cleaning the inside. This way it was easy to tell which side the streaks were on as they will appear horizontal or vertical.

One thing to note when using newspaper is to make sure you don’t rub it on the window frame as the ink can cause serious staining that is impossible to remove in some cases.

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I used the leftover vinegar to wipe down the window frame using a paper towel.

The final step was to buff down the glass with a dry piece of newspaper using horizontal strokes. I then followed the previous steps on the inside of the window using the remaining two pieces of newspaper, but used vertical strokes.

I was amazed by the results, the window was so clean and had streaks whatsoever. The job took me less than 10 minutes to clean both sides of the window.

Newspaper is an age-old solution to cleaning glass, achieving great smudge-free results which are arguably even better than when using paper towels or rags.

Experts from Skyscraper Window Cleaning agreed as they explained: “The structure of newspaper is made of multiple dense fibres which are packed together in a tight way. This makes it hard to break into pieces. Therefore it is a little bit sturdy, unlike cloth towels.

“Newspapers contain no scratching materials such as calcium carbonate or silica that can create damage to a glass surface.

“In comparison to standard cleaning cloths and towels, newspaper is rather rigid in structure. It doesn’t separate and there is no lint after cleaning with a newspaper.”

Not only was this hack a success but it was very cost-effective as the newspaper was free and the white vinegar was £1 from Home Bargains. The vinegar can also be purchased from other stores such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

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