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PS5 hack: Homebrew SDK released, Kernel exploit updated to 1.02!


SpecterDev and the developers working on PS5 Reverse engineering have released an SDK, to help you create elf files (binaries) for the system. As a reminder, running those elf files will require you to run the recently released hack for PS5. In parallel, Specter has also released an update for the exploit which fixes compatibility issues with ELF files.

PS5 SDK, what’s that?

An SDK is a set of tools and libraries required to compile binaries/executables for a given system. The PS5 has its own SDK created by Sony of course, but that one is proprietary and private, and basically only available to official developers for the platform. Although leaks of that SDK have been seen multiple times in the past, it is generally not recommended for tinkerers to use it on their hacked PS5 (in particular if you are doing reverse engineering work, for legal reasons).

Instead, a community-made homebrew SDK is typically what we’re looking for, and is a nice stepping stone for more development on the platform! That’s exactly what hackers have delivered today 🙂

With that being said, it is worth reminding everyone that the current PS5 hack is extremely limited in what it allows us to do. Although it is a kernel exploit, some of the security features on the PS5 (such as eXecute-Only Memory and the Hypervisor-based security model) prevent hackers from reading/writing executable memory. Only the Data portions of the console are currently accessible.

This homebrew SDK is of course work-in-progress, but it should allow you to create simple executables, that you can load to the PS5 (running the exploit) through a tool such as Netcat GUI.

From the readme:

This repository contains source code and documentation for a work-in-progress Software Development Kit (SDK) for the PS5. It contains the headers, libraries, and helpers to build ELF files for the PS5. Currently, it’s intended mostly for payloads to load into the WebKit-based ELF loader, though it can also be used for simple homebrew. It cannot build full proper applications at the moment, as we do not have full homebrew support.

PS5 Kernel Exploit 1.02 – What’s new

This new release of the exploit adds support for a variety of firmware (which is not something new, but now officially made it into the release) and fixes issues related to the elf loader.

From the release changelog:

  • Adds support for firmwares 3.00, 3.20, 3.21, 4.02, and 4.51 (3.10 and 4.00 are partially supported) (thanks ChendoChap).
  • Now cleans up fds after exploitation so child processes don’t inherit a bunch of resources unnecessarily.
  • Fixed various bugs in the ELF loader where incomplete reads could occur.
  • Added some entrypoint arguments to ELF loader for kernel read/write.

Download PS5 SDK and PS5 IPV6 Kernel Exploit 1.02

As a reminder, you will need a PS5 with firmware 4.51 or lower to run the PS5 Kernel exploit. We have some hints here on where to buy one.

Source: SpecterDev

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