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8 Questions We Still Have After The End Of Soul Hackers 2


Forming a party and going after a giant threat to the world isn’t new for JRPGs, and for Soul Hackers 2, at least on the surface, it seems as though it’s just the same. You and your band of misfits form a formidable party to grow stronger, form friendships, and save the world from destruction. Easy enough to understand.

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Bubbling under the surface, though, are themes of technology reliance, empathy, and the concept of true free will. And although these elements of the story are fine and carry the story through, the world leaves us with more questions than answers. Be warned: spoilers abound.


8/8 How Has The World Stagnated?

Town Stagnation Soul Hackers 2- Everyone looks like they're chilling

Right from the very beginning, the world is explained to be stagnant, and humans are instead just simply existing within the confines of capitalism while waiting for the end. It doesn’t paint the brightest of pictures, but Atlus doesn’t believe in shying away from the bleak. So, it makes sense to imagine sad, empty streets, right?

Well, one look at the world around you, it all looks…normal. People are going about their daily lives as if things were as they always were. Maybe, that’s the point. They are simply just going through the motions watching the time go around the clock over again. Maybe normalcy is the point of stagnation.

7/8 Are All Humans’ Souls Digital?

Digital Souls - Soul Hacking Arrow to bring him back to life

The concept of humanity in Soul Hackers 2 is like how humans in real life view their lives. Generally, they live out their lives, and that’s it; they move on as normal. In times of crisis though, Protagonist Ringo can bring back characters from the dead – though few and far in between – via hacking.

Well, if human souls can be hacked, does it stand to reason that they, as humans, aren’t much different from computers or software? How safe would their minds be if someone other than Aion themselves figured out that it was possible? You already can make pacts with devils, why would brain hacking be out of the question?

6/8 Which Came First, Aion Or Cyberspace?

Aion and Cyberspace - Soul hackers 2 - Surrounded by Aion and space itself

Better yet, how did the existence of technology come to be in the first place? Was there someone that created Aion as a means to watch over life itself, or was it a construct that simply came into being without the aid of a creator, similar to the theory of the big bang?

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It is understood that Aion is the collective consciousness of humans, but is technology based. How would you quantify it into something tangible enough that humans are able to tap into it and uses it for mundane things like search engines and the like? Aion honestly brings more questions than answers within the story.

5/8 Were Figue’s Feelings For Raven Love, Or Something Else?

Figue and Raven - Soul Hackers 2 - Figue tries to save Raven

Being constructs of Aion, Ringo and Figue don’t have a lot of understanding of humans and how they relate to one another, so the emotions they come to experience are brand new to them. Understandable. When the character Raven comes into the story, and you get to know him a little, you begin to see a shift in Figue and the way she interacts with him. It’s become softer, maybe even maternal.

What isn’t made clear about her feelings is where they come from. Did she see the side of him that wants to protect kids and fall in love with the idea of Raven? Or was it a deep respect? Whichever it was, it drove her to risk everything for him to try and be resurrected, which isn’t something you do for someone who’s only an acquaintance.

4/8 Were Aion’s Actions Truly Altruistic?

Aion God Final Form

The survival instinct is the strongest impulse a human can have, for it controls all other impulses. It reminds you to eat or sleep, or gives you that ‘feeling’ that makes you change your mind and stay home instead. Would it be a stretch, then, to think that maybe once Aion saw the future destruction, it figured that the easiest way to save itself was to save humanity?

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Aion is the collective data of all humans, so it’s possible that some of humanity’s traits could have rubbed off on Aion and given it a strong desire to survive. Or maybe it was Aion from the beginning that instilled that will to live within the collective humans. It’s a wonder they didn’t try and intervene once humanity’s stagnation was imminent.

3/8 What Happens With Ringo After The End?

Ringo Alone as she is being birthed

After everything is finished and the final boss is defeated for good, the journey for the team of unlikely allies comes to an end. They go their separate ways and carry on their life paths as changed people. The world is saved, and Ringo’s ‘sibling’ is gone. Aion, too, is now gone. Ringo is the only one left to carry both the legacy and burden of being Aion.

Ringo has free will and no obligations to anyone other than herself; nothing but space and opportunity for the hero of humanity. It’s not quite the happy ending, but it isn’t the only one. If you meet certain requirements throughout the game, Ringo’s much-deserved happy ending will be unlocked.

2/8 Will Aion Come Back The Same As Before?

Aion - Soul Hackers 2 Figue becomes Aion

It isn’t clear what happens to Aion at the end when Figue’s ‘God Form’ is defeated. You know that it’s been taken over by Figue’s grief and will, but once that is all said and done, the only thing that’s said about it is Ringo will wait for them to return. This is awfully sad, because you get the sense that her holding on to the hopes that Aion will return is keeping her from feeling lonely.

Of course, this could all be answered if you meet the requirements to unlock the true ending, saving everyone in the process.

1/8 How Will Everyone React To A Real God?

Free Will Against God - Soul Hackers 2

Not every day does a being outside your realm of existence and knowledge reveal themselves to you at face value to become friends, which is what happens if you meet all the prerequisites for the true ending. How is it possible to go on with your life knowing without a shadow of a doubt you’re always being watched? Some would find solace in it, sure, but that would surely be a shock to the rest, right?

The themes of conflict and free will are throughout the game, and it doesn’t seem like Aion is trying to change that for humanity, but it stands to reason there will be some resistance and possibly more of the conflict they’ve been trying to ‘cure’ from humanity. It’s a long shot, but a sequel or a spin-off exploring the dynamic between the two would be interesting.

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