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Apex Legends players brutally roast “desperate” cheater for hacking in Silver lobbies


Published: 2022-11-24T13:22:06

Updated: 2022-11-24T13:22:19

Apex Legends players have piled in on a hacker for cheating in Silver Ranked lobbies of the battle royale, stating they “ruined” the lobby for everyone. 

Cheating is a problem in nearly every video game, with certain players willing to hack in order to get ahead in-game. Apex Legends is no different.

Respawn and EA have committed to making the game as cheat-free as possible but, as is always the case, some slip through the net. 

While cheating is most common in high-level matches – understandable given cheaters are way more likely to win matches than non-cheating opponents – there are occasions when hackers bizarrely rear their heads in low-level games. 

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That is what happened in this instance, when player ‘IMPeacefulGamer’ came across an obvious hacker in their Silver Ranked Leagues lobby. 

According to the player, the hacker “ruined the fun for the whole lobby”. Attached was a clip showing the cheater taking out multiple players, all while barely breaking a sweat or missing a shot. 

Other Redditors quickly flocked to the post, seeking to draw attention to the cheater. It was also noted that the player killed by the hacker was in Silver II, making the cheater’s actions even more embarrassing. 

One player said: “this dude’s hacking in Silver, I mean how bad can someone be? How desperate? Even after hacking he doesn’t have a 4k badge on the banner… Where is the sense of accomplishment in any of this?”

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Another agreed: “How do people have any fun cheating? I get it can suck to lose, but how is it fun for some program to do it all for you. No satisfaction from improvement or your own skill. I just don’t get it.”

The OP did confirm they had reported the cheater in-game in the hopes of getting them banned. 

Respawn and EA continue to work hard to limit cheating in Apex Legends but, as more players encounter them, worries among the community continue to grow.

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