Home Hacking Bring back this 90s lipstick hack for the illusion of fuller lips

Bring back this 90s lipstick hack for the illusion of fuller lips


This makeup trend is perfect for a more sultry look

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Can you believe that the ’90s was like 10 years ago? Oh, 30 years ago? Let’s start the show.


Hey there, and welcome to “In The Know, Make Me Up.” I’m Melanie. And today we are talking about all the viral trends that you want to try, but maybe you, like, are a little bit scared because sometimes the internet looks crazy and can be scary.

So we’re going to dive in to the one and only ombre lip. It is one of my favorite ’90s trends that actually can come back, unlike the skinny brow– yeah, let’s never do that– and low-rise jeans. We must let them die. Let them die, friends.

We are going to be talking about two products that just have made the ombre lip so easy. The products that I use all the time for a great ombre lip are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner and this beautiful NARS Pigment in Bad Guy. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner is one of my favorites. It’s fully pigmented, and it is powerful.

This cranberry shade is so beautiful and flattering on just about every skin tone. So I’m going go ahead and just show you what this line looks like. It is so pretty. It’s, like, crisp. It’s got definition. So you can use this to line your lip, or one of the things I like to do is I’ll line my lip, but then completely fill it in with this too, for a lip that has some true staying power.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to start off with kind of these, like, sideways triangles on both parts of my lips. And then we’re going to go ahead and fill in. And I’m going to do that top part. So we got that, and we’re going to start and do the other side as well.

So if I go ahead and press my lips together, you can already see that kind of blending in. Yay, it’s happening, friends. So now we’re going to go ahead and line the full lip. And since I’ve exfoliated and already put a little balm on, it’s going on so easy. It’s so creamy. It feels really nice on my lips instead of being that kind of, like, dry, sad, like the Sahara feeling.

So now I’m going to go ahead and smush my lips together. Mm. And you can see it’s already kind of doing a little ombre action on its own. We’re going to take our second product. This Power Matte Pigment is super, super pigmented. You’re going to see no color from my hand. It is beautiful.

So this can be used on its own, but I really love to layer when I’m doing sort of an ombre color. So we’re going to go ahead and pop this right into the center of the lips. I’m going to put it on the top as well.

And now we’re going to take a lip brush. Whatever lip brush you have at home is perfect. We’re going to take this, and we’re going to use it to kind of just, like, feather out where the two colors mix. If you want to go a little spicy, because who doesn’t love that, you can also go back after you’ve done your ombre and just really define those lines with your pencil.

This wax formula delivers a really beautiful pigment that doesn’t feather, so I am obsessed. There she is. Ooh! And what you can also do is sometimes I like to go back in with a little bit of concealer and, like, a contour brush and just make those lines, like, super fierce. That is a whole vibe on its own.

This has been “In The Know, Make Me Up.” I’m Melanie, and thank you so much for joining us as we try yet another viral trend. I’m feeling this. Mm. Five stars.

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