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Elden Ring Hackers Are Reportedly Handing Out Items That Could Get You Banned


Once again, hackers are reportedly distributing unobtainable items to players in Elden Ring, resulting in bans. Similar issues have plagued multiplayer gameplay since the launch of the fantasy role-playing game.

Released less than a year ago, Elden Ring has achieved critical acclaim. The title, by developer FromSoftware Inc. and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment, features a grim open world created by Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki and author George R. R. Martin. The success of Elden Ring has led to a massive increase in FromSoftware’s profits, and the game continues to be a top-seller on Steam. However, recurring activities by hackers have marred online gameplay. Aiming to get accounts banned, hackers have victimized unwitting players by handing out items that can only be obtained by tampering with the game. Other FromSoftware Inc. games, including those in the Dark Souls series, have also suffered from attempts by hackers to trigger bans with dropped items. Players with illicit items in their inventory can be detected by anti-cheating software and prevented from participating in Elden Ring’s online multiplayer mode.


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According to PCGamesN, Elden Ring players should be wary of obtaining items from PvP, as hackers are using this method again to cause account bans. Items to watch out for include ones that may seem useful or legitimate, such as the Brave’s Cord Circlet. The item is part of Brave’s Set, a four-piece armor set. Like other items distributed by hackers, Brave’s Cord Circlet is cut content that should not be accessible in the game.

In April, hackers utilized this tactic and gave out an item called Deathbed Smalls, which was later discovered to be the undergarments of Fia, one of Elden Ring’s numerous NPCs. One Elden Ring player with more than 200 hours logged was banned after accidentally picking up Deathbed Smalls. Bandai Namco Entertainment customer support also informed the player that they must delete all of their game files for Elden Ring in order to avoid being suspended for 180 days.

In online forums, confused Elden Ring players have shared screenshots of suspicious items that they obtained from multiplayer games, including the Brave’s Cord Circlet. Many comments advise the players to immediately delete the items. Some are hopeful that quick action will prevent flagging, but others posit it’s already too late. Community members have also noted the usernames of players encountered in PvP who may be the culprits.

In Patch Notes 1.04, Bandai Namco Entertainment shared that the development team had “fixed a bug that allowed unauthorized items to be passed to other players.” However, the issue has clearly not yet been resolved. Elden Ring players should be aware of this trend in hacking. Cautious gamers can search for the items they obtain from PvP online to see whether they’ve been mentioned as unobtainable, and swiftly delete the items before disaster strikes.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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