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Hacker gets Mac OS running on the Wii


What have you done with your Wii lately? Is it just sitting under your TV or in a closet collecting dust somewhere? Why not take that bad boy out, dust it off, and put it to use by cramming some old Mac software onto it?! That’s exactly what one hacker has done, and you can see the results of their efforts above.

Hacker Pierre Dandumont got the crazy idea of getting Mac OS 9.2 up-and-running on a Wii, and as the video above proves, it’s definitely possible. Obviously, this is not the best way to experience Mac OS 9.2, as all the features aren’t capable of running. That said, some of it does work, and work quite well at that!

This Mac OS magic was made possible through running a Linux-based OS through the unofficial Homebrew Channel. From there, Pierre put Mac OS 9.2 on an SD card, and the rest is history. Of course, now we’re curious to see what other operating systems can be retrofitted to the Wii! Let’s see if Pierre’s work inspires some other hackers out there.

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