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Hacking online shopping with AI Chatbots


– By Devashish Mamgain 

E-commerce has embraced AI and its wizardry to bring the best experience to one’s e-commerce portal. Streamlining customer support and increasing customer retention are two of the best ways for a business to grow. Making sure customers are taken care of in the least amount of time, becomes paramount to keeping a business in the mainstream, especially in today’s attention-based economy.

The rapid growth of the e-commerce market brings a greater need for automation, to better focus on growth challenges and assign AI chatbots to take care of the backend customer care. This has benefitted giants of Indian e-commerce, like Swiggy and Zomato, who have integrated chatbots into their customer service regimen, streamlining practical options and grievances that are presented to the customer to get right to what they need. Real-time information retention also plays a big part in the automation through these apps as an AI will record information per customer and use it to make their following experiences far more personalised.

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Integrating chatbots into your e-commerce website can bring more customer retention and are being adopted by increasing numbers of companies to bring a greater level of efficiency and consistency to every interaction. With AI chatbot integration across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other apps that have worked as e-commerce catalyst portals, the potential for market growth extends out to the massive populations that use these apps on a day-to-day basis. Integrating chatbots has helped e-commerce portals in these five simple ways:

No waiting time: Ask a question, get a direct response: No beating around the bush, no confusion, just clear and straightforward service. Usually asking a question online used to be fraught with waiting, sending an email, hoping someone would take your call. But now consumers can drop a message on any platform and receive an immediate answer with no waiting time.

Consistency is key: Chatbots across platforms respond and act the same way, allowing for the same experience across sites, whether it is the website itself or Facebook, Twitter, Kik, WhatsApp or any other integrable messaging platform. Every platform has its own quirks and features, but chatbots remain the same over them, making sure that whichever one you are most comfortable with, works just how you would expect it to.

Detail oriented: Chatbots keep the conversation flowing and remember consumer preferences each time they go back to the website, making sure they do not have to waste time re-entering information. A secure, shared database allows for the storage and usage of all information at once, making for a much more seamless experience, especially for consumers who re-visit websites.

Multilingual: A chatbot brings customers the same support, across languages. And due to their machine learning, every language is learnt and re-learnt with all its cultural context neatly included. This means no pauses or long silences while waiting for a customer representative who speaks a specific language.

From back to front: An AI chatbot will personalise not just the product selection, but the entire buying process, bringing that in-person shopping validation right home and to the customer’s phone. Not just that, if they have a problem after the shopping process, returns and refunds can be dealt with swiftly and without the awkwardness that comes with talking to a customer representative about grievances.

AI chatbots are getting integrated across e-commerce websites, streamlining the customer relationship experience, and increasing customer retention across platforms. Technology has evolved to become a consumer’s best friend. By remembering their preferences, expanding their options and being available at the click of a button, an AI chatbot is the perfect representative for a growing e-commerce company or an established giant.

(Devashish Mamgain is the CEO and Co-founder of Kommunicate.io) 

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