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How Many Hours To Finish Soul Hackers 2?


Cyberpunk Japan is calling out in Soul Hackers 2, the semi-sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. A JRPG with a vast ensemble of characters. You play as Ringo, a member of Aion, who is on a quest to save all mankind. Utilising demons, which can be collected and fused together, it’s up to you to protect humanity.

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There’s so much to do in Soul Hackers 2. Along with collecting and battling demons, there are swathes of side quests, plus the option to deepen the friendly connections with your team. Along with a vast city to explore, there are other realms calling out. As with so many other JRPGs, it feels like you’ll never run out of content.


How Long Does It Take To Beat Soul Hackers 2 Main Story?

Aion - Soul Hackers 2 Figue becomes Aion

If you want to solely focus on the main story, it will take roughly 30 hours to complete. This time includes minimal amounts of exploration and a good knowledge of battling, so you don’t get stuck on bosses. So if you’re only here for Ringo to save the world and become the hero, leave those pesky side quests alone and stop chatting with random people.

Soul Hackers is an off-shoot of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, so you can expect a lot of quests, along with plenty of fights.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Soul Hackers 2 Main Story And Side Quests?

ringo in karakucho soul hackers 2

If the main story isn’t enough, there are plenty of side quests to tackle. Together these will take around 50 hours. Perhaps a more rounded story emerges when you engage in side tasks. You’ll find out so much more about your team and this alternate Japan. As a Devil Summoner, you’ll be seeking out all those demons, but also communing with the dead via soul hacking.

A big part of getting to know your crew is to compile great team-ups and craft a team suited to how you approach playing.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Soul Hackers 2 100 Percent?

milady clashing weapons in soul hackers 2

For a JRPG completionist, hitting 100 percent here will take 67 hours. If you love seeing every corner of the world, talking to NPCs, and smoothly talking to your teammates, it’ll take you twice as long to finish Soul Hackers 2 than if you just focused on the main story. This includes collecting all the demons, finding all of their fusions, and grabbing items along the way.

While that may still be quite a few hours, it isn’t as eye-watering as some JRPGs, which makes it a bit more approachable for newcomers to the genre.

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