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Metro Couple Hacked By Scammers Posing As OKC Senior Wellness Program


Oklahoma City police are investigating a computer hacking scam that targets elderly citizens.  

Jean Setzer, 70, never imagined a computer search for the Pete White Health and Wellness Center in southwest Oklahoma City would lead to near financial ruin. 

“I kept trying to get to the aquatic swimming lesson times and instead it,” said Jean Setzer, computer fraud victim. “And instead, the computer wanted me to identify if I was a male or female.” 

In only a few clicks. 

“All of the sudden my computer was taken over,” said Setzer. 

A pop-up instructed Setzer to call a Microsoft fraud specialist. 

“He said do you do financial transactions on your machine?” Setzer. “Oh no. Oh yes!” 

Setzer says a two-hour long phone call eventually led to the hackers sending specific instructions on where to transfer cash. 

“You do know we’re a crypto-only bank?” said Setzer. “And finally, it dawned on both my husband and me at the same time. A crypto-only bank?” 

Setzer’s next phone call was to the police. 

“Sadly, career criminals can use any kind of website,” said Setzer. “So, it just goes to show we’ve got to make sure we’re at that correct website.” 

Sheryl Presley operates the Oklahoma City Police Department’s TRIAD Unit, a crime prevention program for seniors. Presley and Setzer want others to be educated on computer fraud and how not to fall victim. 

“Do not become isolated because that’s how these perpetrators prey on us,” said Setzer. 

If you have a family member or friend who could benefit from the TRIAD program call (405) 316-4336. 

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