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Shower door cleaning hack: ‘Amazing’ way to get rid of limescale and hard water marks


Shower doors can be a nuisance to clean, rapidly becoming marked and stained as soon as you hop back in the shower. Luckily, cleaning influencer Mrs D has a straightforward hack up her sleeve to clean your glass shower door in minutes, as well as other glass areas and windows across the bathroom.

Mrs D shares her cleaning tips and tricks with an audience of 115K followers, under the username @mrs.ds.cleaning.reviews. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, she explained that you don’t necessarily need to shell out on branded glass and bathroom cleaners in order to achieve sparkling results.

In fact, you may already have all of the tools you need tucked away in a kitchen cupboard. White vinegar and washing up liquid are combined for this cleaning trick.

“We all suffer with nasty water marks on our glass shower doors,” said Mrs D. “But, if you live in a hard water area then you will notice it building up quickly.

“A great way to tackle limescale buildup is by combining white vinegar and washing up liquid. Simply fill a refillable dish wand with the solution for amazing results.”

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How to clean your shower door using white vinegar and dish soap

To begin, combine a solution of half white vinegar and dish soap into a refillable dish wand, spray bottle or a small bowl. There are mixed reviews among experts on whether or not it is worth adding a little water to the solution.

Spritz or rub the mixture onto the front and back of your shower doors and allow it to sit for up to 10 minutes. The more stains covering your shower door, the longer the solution will need to sit.

Next, dampen a sponge with fresh water and rinse away the shower door solution, then dry the glass with a microfibre cloth.

How often should you clean your glass shower door

If you want your glass shower door to remain sparkling at all times, then you’ll need to work on it daily. In areas served by hard water, you may find that you need to deep clean your shower door more regularly to keep marks at bay.

After every shower: Use a squeegee to wipe down the shower door and then leave it open to air out.

Once a week: Give your shower door a wipe down. Using vinegar spray can help to stop hard water marks and limescale deposits.

Once a month: It’s time to deep clean your shower door, making sure to allow the cleaning solution some time to sit and work its way through shower door marks.

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