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The 3-Step Decluttering Hack To Try, According To Anthea Turner


Anthea Turner has revealed a simple three-step decluttering hack that will help get your home in shipshape for the holidays.

‘It’s a good idea to have a clear out before Christmas. If something isn’t beautiful, useful or seriously sentimental, get rid of it,’ Anthea Turner tells House Beautiful UK from her London home.

‘Your belongings have to bring something to the party. Are they beautiful? Are they useful? Are you sentimentally attached to them? And if you can’t put that item in any of those categories, you get rid of them.’

Decluttering ahead of the festive season is always a good idea. Messy mantelpieces, windowsills or bookshelves can make a whole room look untidy, while kitchen cupboards filled with junk can make it trickier when the Christmas food shop arrives.

Once you’ve tackled those areas, Anthea says there’s one place we always forget: ‘When was the last time you vacuumed under the bed? You’ve got all that stuff under there.’

Household clutter seems relatively harmless, but Anthea reminds us to always tidy the junk before cleaning to lighten the load. ‘You can’t clean around clutter. It’s about being efficient,’ the presenter says. ‘Sometimes you look at someone’s bathroom and there are 20 products on the side. That would probably take me an hour to clean because you’ve got to move everything. It’s just impossible.’


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Once you’ve cleared the clutter, it’s time to get kickstart your next cleaning job. If you’ve got guests visiting over the festive period, pay attention to spare bedrooms, ensuring you’ve changed sheets (go a step further and dress the bed with Christmas bedding), pop in some fresh towels and clean down bathrooms.


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But there’s one thing Anthea doesn’t want you to do: ‘You don’t need chemicals. People spend a lot of time squirting stuff around. You don’t need chemicals. Just get a couple of cloths,’ she reveals.

‘It’s amazing what you can do with a wet, damp and dry cloth. I probably only really use around six cleaning products. I often see people on Instagram showing inside their cupboards and they’ve got 30 different products. How can you use all of that? You don’t need it.’

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