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Twitter, SpaceX, Government Cyber Security Breaches & more!


Back in July of 2020, Twitter accounts belonging to Elon Musk,  Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates & others have been breached!

Fast track to Nov/3rd/2022, in the last 24 hours 821,369 Twitter Company Records along with 629 Twitter Management Credentials have been Exposed by various hackers on the Deep Dark Web!

On the other hand, as of 24 hours ago, SpaceX networks have also been breached whereby 31,633 Company Records along with 200 Management Credentials have been Exposed by various hackers on the Deep Dark Web!

Obviously ~ Twitter & SpaceX need stronger, well protected cyber security attack surfaces using Artificial Intelligence!

Further, a study has found that phishing attempts to steal credentials from US government workers have increased by 30% in the past year. Additionally, the researchers discovered that nearly half of US government employees use older, unpatched versions of iOS and Android.
In 2021, more than a third of state and local government employees have been using their own devices to work. These agencies are leading the government’s move toward BYOD. Even though this gives employees more freedom, these unmanaged devices are more likely to be hacked than managed devices. This is because personal unmanaged devices use a wider range of apps and connect to more websites.

Mobile phishing attacks that aim to steal credentials rather than deliver malware are on the rise significantly.

Nearly half of all phishing attacks in 2021 aimed to steal credentials. From 2020 to 2021, the percentage of attacks involving credential theft against federal agencies increased by nearly 47%, while the percentage of malware delivery decreased by 12%. The attacks on state and local departments for stealing credentials increased while malware gradually decreased.

Social engineering attacks on mobile devices pose a threat, and businesses * government entities must make sure that their staff is aware of it.
Even though mobile phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated, threat actors continue to use methods that teach employees to recognize them. This demonstrates the importance of ongoing cybersecurity and phishing education for employees to recognize social engineering attacks. In-app education should be included in your mobile threat defense solution so that employees are informed each time a threat is detected on their device. All government agencies must ensure that their phishing training evolves beyond email and desktops to include mobile phishing challenges.

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