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A TikToker Went Viral After Sharing A Canadian Tire Shopping Hack & It’s Life Changing (VIDEO)


Whether you need Christmas decorations, a new bike, frying pans, a plunger or a fishing rod, Canadian Tire is the one-stop-shop that’s always got you covered. However, it isn’t always easy to find what you’re looking for — including an employee to help you out.

Well, Lawrence, also known as @dnyealw on TikTok, shared a life-changing Canadian Tire hack that will make your shopping trips so much more hassle-free, especially if you’re the type who is looking for something very specific.

Turns out, the electronic tablets located at the end of Canadian Tire aisles are more than just price checkers. The machines allow you to search for a product in the store, how much of it is in stock, and of course, the price.


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But the best part? The tablets also let you find your product much easier in the store with the “Flash Shelf Label” feature. Mhm! When you press the locating function on the tablet, a flashing yellow light will indicate where on the shelf your product is located.

“You can trigger a flashing light next to the part you’re looking for,” Lawrence wrote, which could easily mean “less time spent searching for product numbers.”

The TikTok video has since garnered nearly 500,000 views and people cannot believe they didn’t know about this feature until now.

“I spent 30 minutes trying to find the wipers I needed, where was this video two months ago?!!!” one user commented.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that this cool feature isn’t available at all Canadian Tire stores. “Only works if your local Canadian Tire has these lights mine doesn’t,” one person wrote.

Is anyone else rushing to their nearest Canadian Tire to check out if they’ve got the flashing lights? Brb, ’cause I am…

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