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Defrosting car windscreen: ‘Life hack’ to defrost the windshield & stop it frosting again


This hack was posted by car professionals, who know a thing or two about automobile maintenance. They have demonstrated how they tackle frosted windscreens at their dealership.

Experts at SUV Prestige post their car hacks and reviews to help UK drivers on their TikTok account @suvprestige. It includes hacks such as how to get into frozen cars and how to defrost a windscreen.

They detailed their “life hack”, the fastest way to defrost your windscreen. The car pro said: “We keep seeing discussions on the internet about the best way to defrost a car.

“We have over 250 cars in stock. We are professionals. We do this every single day. We’re going to show you exactly how to do it.”

The hack simply involves a jug and water and can be easily done by any car owner. The expert went on: “Step one, grab a jug. Step two, fill it halfway-ish with hot water.”

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Commenters said they swear by the hack too, with the video having over 75K views on the app. “Done this for years,” one wrote. “I use an old empty two-litre milk bottle, which is super easy to poor and holds plenty of water to defrost all the glass.”

Another said: “Agree, been doing this since I passed my test I laugh at people scraping for half hour.” Another wrote: “I’ve used a five-litre watering can for many years & it’s the quickest method.”

“I don’t know how this isn’t common knowledge by now,” one said. Another said: “Been doing that 20 years, also stops the inside misting up when you get in the car.”

“Done this for years,” another said. “Now I just put the hose pipe on it with the wipers on. Does the whole car in seconds.”

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