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Piers Morgan Twitter Hacked: Ed Sheeran, Queen Elizabeth, and More Targeted


British writer and producer Piers Morgan was the victim of an unidentified hacker, who took over his Twitter account to spew some pretty nasty and mean things about some of the world’s most prominent public figures

On Dec. 27, Ed Sheeran, Queen Elizabeth II, and Andrew Tate and many others were targeted by Morgan’s hacker.

According to Billboard, Morgan’s hacker cussed Sheeran and called him a “ginger f**ker.”

As of this writing, the “Shivers” singer is yet to address the slur directed towards him, however, other figures who were victims of the hacker’s slurs weren’t as silent.

One of Morgan’s hackers falsely announced that Andrew Tate, an American-British media personality and former professional kickboxer was shot and killed in Dubai, reports say.

Tate himself took to the platform to address the hacker directly and replied that he was “hard to kill.”


Other attacks toward personalities under Morgan’s account were fired at England’s recently deceased monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. “F**k the queen,” the hacker wrote, as they changed Morgan’s Twitter profile picture to a picture of the British television personality and the late Queen. READ MORE: Coachella 2023: Possible Headliners, Lineup-What We Know So Far

Damage Control

According to Yahoo, the derogatory tweets have since been taken down, and Morgan’s talk show addressed the hacking through their Twitter account.

“In case you were wondering, [Piers Morgan] has been hacked,” wrote the “Piers Morgan Uncensored” Twitter account.

They also enlisted the help of the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, to address the situation: “Any chance of getting him back, [Elon Musk]?”

Thankfully, the hacked Twitter account was taken care of before the hacker could continue with the racial slurs directed at several other personalities.

According to a Twitter user, Morgan’s hacker used his account to spew derogatory tweets for about an hour. “Screen recording I did of all the tweets from Piers Morgan hacked account to his 8.3million followers at 4am this Morning, went on for a good hour!”

Other Twitter users, on the other hand, poked fun at the situation: “Twitter apparently became aware of the Piers Morgan account hack when a series of tweets the hackers posted failed to make any mention of Meghan Markle.”

This user was referring to Morgan’s infamous comments about Meghan Markle’s interview with Orpah Winfrey in 2021.

Another was even skeptical that there was a hacker in the first place. “Really? How can we be sure? They look like Piers’ regular everyday tweets…specially the Andrew Tate one.”

“Are we sure that’s not just him? He is deferring to the Alpha in the 4th one, something that is typical of him,” another wrote.

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