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The Best Hack For Rocking A Claw Clip If You Have Fine Hair


While there are several techniques you can implement to secure a claw clip in your hair, TikTok creator @alyssarayelee has the best one for those with fine or short hair. In the video, she parts her hair in half horizontally at the top of her ears. Then, she takes the top half and secures it with an elastic hair tie, pulling the hair halfway through to create a loose bun with the ends sticking out (like Kim Kardashian’s viral “flip bun”). She fans out the loose bun to add volume.

She then takes the bottom section and does the same thing, creating a loose bun right below the first one. At this point, you should have two very loose buns, one on top of the other, on the back of the head. Then, she secures the claw clip tightly underneath the bottom bun so both are sitting on top of the claw clip. The results? A hairstyle that looks like you have a naturally voluminous head of hair.

Although this hack will help secure that claw clip in place, you might want to reach for a clip that works well on fine hair, so no slippage ensues. You can use a claw clip with rubber or some texture to grip the hair better. Also, avoid using a wide-toothed clip so the hair doesn’t slip through the teeth. 

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