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TikTok mum slammed after sharing ‘survival mode’ parenting hack


A mum has been slammed online after she posted a video of her using a “chicken” technique to feed her baby.

In a now-viral video posted to TikTok, Raquel – who goes by @desertbabysteps on the social media platform – captioned her footage: “Survival mode when mum’s sick”.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Woman feeds baby like a chicken.

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In the footage, Raquel demonstrated how she feeds her son when she’s not feeling well.

“Sometimes when I’m sick I like to feed my baby his little snacks as if he was a chicken,” the US mum said, as she threw the baby snacks onto the floor.

Mum slammed for throwing food on floor for baby to eat like a chicken Credit: TikTok/@desertbabysteps

As he rolled around, reaching out for the food, she scattered more: “Hey baby eat the snacks.”

“He loves it.”

But some were left unimpressed by the mum’s fun idea, believing her floor could pose a health risk.

“You should have a type of mat or blanket to do this on. It’s good enrichment but floors harbour bacteria,” one commenter said.

Another wrote: “She’s literally feeding her baby off the f***ing ground how is that okay bc she’s sick… don’t be a mum if u can’t take care of it.”

“How lazy are you,” a third asked.

Others were concerned that she was feeding her seven-month-old popcorn.

“It was not popcorn,” she explained in a follow-up video.

“(They’re) these little puffy things, that like dissolve when they touch your mouth.

“They’re not chokeable.”

She also quashed any worries about her carpets, adding: “It’s as clean as carpet’s gonna be.”

“He plays on it all day so I cannot change that.”

Despite the backlash, many of the eight million viewers loved what she was doing – stepping in to defend and share their own parenting hacks.

While many comments slammed the mum, others defended her actions Credit: TikTok/@desertbabysteps

“These comments show who has never been sick with a child,” one expressed.

“I call it grazing when my son steps on his snack and eats the crumbs from the floor,” a commenter said.

Some even saw the benefits: “Good way to keep him mobile and busy!!”

“It’s smart, gets them moving, keeps them thinking. 10/10 would do this,” another agreed.

“‘He is a free-range, grass-fed baby,” someone joked.

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