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Viral Video Shows New Hack To Crack A Coconut, And Itll Leave You In Splits


Let’s admit, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a quick hack to fix something in the kitchen. And the internet is filled with such kitchen or household hacks. Whether they’re about cleaning kitchen equipment, removing stains from utensils or ways to peel fruits and veggies, no matter what these hacks are, they only make our lives simpler. Speaking of kitchen hacks, one such hack that is extremely popular is how to break open a coconut. Recently, a new coconut-breaking hack has gone viral on the internet and the result will leave you in splits. 

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The short clip was shared by Instagram user @sidfrompune. In the video, we can see a coconut enclosed in a tied-up plastic bag placed between a lift. It is placed in such a way that one half of the bag is inside the lift while the other half is outside. As the lift moves up, so does the plastic bag, hanging outside the door. Within seconds, the coconut slams against the roof of the lift, hits the ground and breaks from the impact. Take a look at the viral video here: 

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Since being uploaded, the video has amassed over 4.2 million views, 155K likes and hundreds of comments. Netizens had an array of reactions to this new hack of cracking a coconut. Check out some of the reactions below: 

“Why don’t you just drop it from 7-8 ft of height?” 

“Don’t try this at your office.” 

“Ye jugaad India ke bahar nahi jana chahiye (This hack should not go outside India)” 

“Nariyal phodne ki ninja technique (Ninja technique to break a coconut)” 

“Lift ki kya zaroorat thi, direct upar se fek dete (What was the need of lift, should have thrown directly from above)” 

What did you think of this viral video about cracking a coconut? Would you try it? Tell us in the comments below. 

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