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Customer Orders Waffle House Burger Hack, Receives a Fail


Thanks to a TikTok that went viral from a pregnant creator, the world now has a Waffle House waffle burger hack to try. But another creator posted to the platform to share what happened when going to a Waffle House with video in hand, looking to get one made. The results were decidedly underwhelming — though some commenters insisted they’d still eat it if it were in front of them.

The video came courtesy of creator Jasminee Smith, who posted her waffle burger fail to TikTok on Thursday. So far, the TikTok’s drawn nearly 470,000 views as of Saturday and a lot of comments.

The video’s a simple five-second look at a Waffle House cook’s attempt at the Waffle House waffle burger hack. In the original video, the waffle burger is a perfectly-presented and decadent serving of meat, cheese, bacon, and onions balanced between the top and bottom waffles. In Smith’s video, it’s not quite that, with a couple of patties and other ingredients unceremoniously plopped off-center between the waffles. There’s also a lot of waffle overhang compared to the one in the original video.

@theprettiestj1 This what my Waffle House gave me after I showed them the VIDEO😂 #wafflehousehacks #explore #entertainment ♬ original sound – Jasminee Smith

The on-screen caption pledges, “Never Again,” and adds, “This what Waffle House gave me.” The accompanying caption fills in a bit more of the narrative, noting, “This what my Waffle House gave me after I showed them the VIDEO.”

One commenter assessed, “They threw that shi on there.”

The creator replied, “I threw that shi right back in the WAFFLE HOUSE.”

Another commenter, chiming in on the thread, opined, “This disappointment was real.”

Someone else asked Smith, “I bet you was excited waiting for it.” She simply responded, “Yes.”

At least one commenter suggested that this might have been a half-hearted effort as a sort of passive-aggressive resistance against taking the extra effort that a hack requires. Others suggested taking matters into one’s own hands, not factoring in that people don’t typically go to restaurants and order food if they prefer to cook at home in that moment.

However, others asserted they would eat this attempt at the waffle burger.

“Me personally, I would’ve finished this in one bite,” one said.

Another added, “Still would have obliterated that.”

One commenter revealed upcoming plans involving the waffle burger hack, noting, “I ain’t gone lie…. Imma prob order this high this weekend.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via Instagram message and to Waffle House via email to the company’s media relations department.


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*First Published: Jan 14, 2023, 2:14 pm CST

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