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This Portable Food Warmer Is TikTok’s Latest Hack for Saving Money – SheKnows


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If you do most of your shopping through TikTok, then we’ve found another item to add to the cart. Lunchtime just got a whole lot easier, and we’re not talking about just for the kids. Hot Logic’s portable food warmer is TikTok’s latest hack for meals. It perfectly heats up your meals anywhere in up to an hour. Whether you’re at work, in a hotel, or on an airplane, this heated box has got you and your yummy food covered. That’s right, no more overcooked meals or wasted leftovers.

Many reviewers love this little microwave, saying it’s definitely worth snagging now. “Bought this for work because they didn’t have a microwave and I was tired of cold lunches,” said a reviewer. “I plug it in about an hour or two before lunch and yummm, nice hot food. Lifesaver for me!”

Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

Image: Hot Logic.

HotLogic Mini Portable $39.95

But here’s how it works: place the food in the tray and go about any necessary task. We mean it, you don’t even have to keep your eyes on it after plugging it in. Plus, it holds temperatures for 12 hours, so your meal is ready whenever you are. The heatable tote will neither burn nor dry out your food in the meantime.

A reviewer who’s a teacher added, “Love this little oven for work. I have forgotten to plug in at work but it only takes an hour to heat up soup or chili. Perfect for this absent-minded teacher! No cleanup really other than the food containers used.”

If you ask us, it’s the best way to save money. This food-warming tote is as low as $40 in so many vibrant colors and patterns. And we guarantee that this food gadget is less of a hassle and an expense than eating out every time.

So if you like efficient, convenient, and hot meals, then opt for Hot Logic’s Mini Portable Oven. It evenly heats up your meals wherever you go.

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