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What Does an Ethical Hacker Do? A Career Guide to Becoming One


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Hackers have always been stigmatised in society as oddballs and fraudsters who want to breach networks, steal information, and ruin whatever is in their way. Ethical hackers, on the other hand, are a different breed entirely from internet criminals.

Along with the increase in online criminal activity, there is an increasing demand for ethical hackers. Ethical hacking is considered legitimate since it is implemented to raise the security of computer systems. Hence the career scope of ethical hackers has been elevated in recent years. Let us learn more about these career scopes in detail.

Course Details

You must have hands-on training on cyber ethics, hacking Google databases, information gathering, penetration testing, software creation, and countermeasures to become an ethical hacker.

Though various training institutions have different curricula, overall you will learn concepts such as virus analysis, trojans, backdoors, Sniffers, keyloggers, IP spoofing, HoneyPots, social engineering, etc. In addition, you will have practical skill development in SQL injection, exploit writing, secure coding practice, etc. Moreover, some of the courses also cover VoIP hacking, SMS forging, wireless hacking, etc.


Career Growth

Due to a rise in computer hacking incidents, well-known businesses, financial institutions, and governmental organisations have been obliged to hire ethical hackers.

Ethical hackers assist these businesses in identifying the weaknesses and possible security holes in their computer systems as well as in defending them against outside attacks. As an ethical hacker, you can enjoy bright possibilities for your foreseeable future.

By the end of 2023, there will be 20 per cent more demand for ethical hackers than there was last year. Therefore, this number will keep increasing in the future. One of the most important variables affecting hiring decisions is job security.

Ethical hacking is always in demand. Regardless of the economy, ethical hackers are needed around-the-clock, seven days a week. Hence, pursuing a career in ethical hacking can offer you outstanding success.

Skill Set Required

A good ethical hacker should be skilled in many different areas. They usually specialise and become experts in a certain area of ethical hacking. If you are interested to secure a job in ethical hacking, you need to have the skills as follows:

— Security research, mallard research, and analysis

— Coding knowledge like C++, Python, JAVA, HTML, etc.

— Skills in networking, routers, and firewalls

— Information security, cloud security, and security audit.

You may increase your chances of getting selected by your preferred companies with the help of the certificates in Certified Ethical Hacking Certification, Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification, CompTIA, Security+, SANS GIAC, and Cisco’s CCNA Security.

Job Roles & Salary Expectations

There are various job roles for an ethical hacker. Let us check their job descriptions along with their salary range:

Applications Security Executive | Average Annual Salary Rs. 8.4L

They are a part of the cyber security team and can certify the secure design and development of IT applications. They support programmers in implementing a secure SDLC process.

Security Auditor | Average Annual Salary Rs. 11.1 L

They examine and evaluate security protocols and work along with the managers, executives, and IT professionals of a company.

Security Certified Programmer | Average Annual Salary Rs. 6.3 L

Security-certified programmers create computer programs to protect computer systems and data.

Web Security Manager | Average Annual Salary Rs. 15.87 L

Managers of web security are in charge of organizing and upholding security measures to safeguard data. To ensure the security of their business, they keep a watch on all operations and infrastructure.

You can also attempt to become a penetration tester, vulnerability assessor, certified ethical hacker (CEH), security engineer/architect, and information security manager in addition to the careers mentioned above.

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